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Arranged Cobb Salad

There are a few things I have to say about my preferences when it comes to salad.  Sometimes, if someone has gone to great lengths to compose a very good salad and prepared a fantastic dressing, it can come in any form and I'm happy.  However, for everyday salads, I really, really like it when everything is cut into bite-size pieces.  I just feel like you shouldn't have to cut up your salad as you're eating it.  And, I'm also a huge fan of tossed salads for this very reason - everything is set up to give you the perfect combined bite every time.

Feel free to add other ingredients such as tomatoes or cucumbers.  It's your delicious salad.


Arranged Cobb Salad


- 2 c. chopped greens

- 1/4 c. bleu cheese

- 2 eggs

- 1/4 c. black olives

- 1-2 slices of bacon, cooked and diced

- 1/4 c. cooked chicken

- 1/2 shallot, diced

- 1 T. red wine vinegar

- 2 T. olive oil

- salt

- pepper

Put the eggs in a small pot and cover them with water.  Bring the water to a boil and cover the pot.  Set it off the heat for fifteen minutes, then transfer the eggs to the refrigerator and cool completely.  Once they are cool, peel and dice the eggs.

Cook the bacon either in a pan, the oven, or the microwave.  Once it is cool, set it aside.

Grill or poach the chicken or use leftover chicken and/or use one of the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store.  Dice it and set aside.

In a small bowl, whisk together the shallot, mustard and red wine vinegar.  Slowly whisk in the olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and set aside.

Put the greens in a bowl and drizzle the vinaigrette over them.  Lay all of the ingredients out in rows.