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Beef Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

It seems like every incarnation of an Asian fusion restaurant in D.C. has beef or chicken skewers on the menu.  I usually hold off from ordering them, as I find the chicken tends to be very dry and the beef is well done.  I also am kind of picky about peanut sauces... they are either great or have a really grainy texture that puts me off.

I know, I know... I'm so needy.  This is why I cook at home: I think I do it so much better.  What dishes are you especially proud of that you feel like you make better than any version you've had in a restaurant?


Beef Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce


- 6-8 oz. london broil

- 3 T. soy sauce

- 1 T. mirin

- 1/2-in. piece of ginger

- 1 garlic clove, chopped

- 1 T. Sriracha or other hot sauce

- 1 T. brown sugar

- 1 T. peanut butter

- 1 scallion, chopped

- drizzle of sesame oil

Cut the steak into three pieces.  Put each piece between pieces of plastic wrap and pound each one out to 1/4-in. thickness.  Place the steak in a bag and add 2 T. of the soy sauce, mirin and garlic.  Grate half of the ginger.  Massage the steak to ensure that the marinade coats the steak.  Marinade for at least an hour or overnight.  When you are ready to cook, make sure to let the steak come up to room temperature.

While the steak comes to temperature, whisk together the remaining T. soy sauce with the hot sauce, brown sugar, peanut butter, sesame oil, and remaining ginger.  Sprinkle in the scallion.

Spray a grill pan with non-stick cooking spray and let it heat up.  Soak three wooden skewers in water and thread one of the pieces of steak onto each one.  Put the skewers on the grill and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side.

Plate the skewers and serve with the peanut sauce.