The Recipes

Steamed Salmon with Snap Peas

I just had to keep using my steamer baskets, having such tasty success with the shumai.  If you don't have steamer baskets, you can easily make the same dish in a pasta pot with a strainer, or rig up your own.


Steamed Salmon with Snap Peas


- 1 salmon fillet

- 1 tsp. plum sauce

- 1 T. soy sauce

- 1 tsp. freshly-grated ginger

- 1 tsp. honey

- 12 snap peas

- 1 tsp. sesame seeds for garnish

- salt

- white pepper

Whisk together the plum sauce, soy, ginger, and honey.  Set aside.

Season the salmon with salt and white pepper.

Cut a piece of parchment paper that will fit inside your steamer.  Lay the snap peas out in a ladder formation.  Lay the salmon on top of the peas and spoon the sauce over the salmon, reserving just a little bit of the sauce.  Bring a low level of water to a boil in a wok or skillet that will allow the steamer to sit level, making sure the water does not come up high enough to touch the food.

Steam for 8 minutes.

Plate the peas and salmon and garnish with the remaining sauce and sesame seeds.