The Recipes

Dumpling Soup

Don't resort to only turkey leftover sandwiches!  Those dumplings you made this week?  Amazing for a leftovers soup, and you won't be eating turkey and cranberries. 

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Chicken and Pork Dumplings


- 1 c. of cooked pork and chicken

- ½ jicama, peeled and roughly chopped

- 3 T. soy sauce

- Handful of cilantro

- 1 T. grated ginger

- 1 tsp. mirin

- 1 tsp. Hoisin sauce

- Splash of rice wine vinegar

Put the meat, jicama, cilantro, ginger and 1 T. of soy sauce in a food processor.  Puree to combine.

Lay out the wrappers on a flat surface.  Spoon 1 tsp. of the filling into the center of each wrapper.  Wet the outside of each wrapper with room temperature water and fold the dumplings into half-moons, pinching the edges closed every ¼-in.

If you have bamboo steamers, set them up in a large skillet or wok and add about an inch of water, not letting it hit the bottom of the basket.  You can also use a pasta pot with a steamer basket to improvise.  Line whatever you are using with a piece of parchment paper.  Bring the water to a boil.  Put the dumplings in the steamer, cover, and steam for 4-5 minutes.  

While the dumplings steam, whisk together the ginger, 2 T. of soy, mirin, Hoisin and rice wine vinegar.  Remove the dumplings and serve with the sauce on the side.