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Blueberry Pancakes with Molasses Cream Cheese

Box of prepared mix, be gone!  Once you mix the dry ingredients together, you can store it in an airtight container and save it for tomorrow.  Another tip – courteous of Carla Hall of ABC’s “The Chew,” is to make all of the pancakes and freeze them stored between sheets of parchment paper, then simply toast or microwave them when you’re craving pancakes.

Ladies (and gents), I don’t know about you, but that process could save me lots of late-night diner bucks after long nights out in the city!

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Blueberry Pancakes with Molasses Cream Cheese



- ½ c. flour

- 1 T. sugar

- 1 tsp. baking powder

- Pinch of salt

- 1 egg, beaten

- 1/3 c. almond milk

- 1 c. blueberries

- 1 T. molasses

- 3 T. cream cheese

- Powdered sugar for garnish

Whisk together the dry ingredients.  Add in the egg and milk and whisk to combine.  Stir in the blueberries.

In a small saucepan (or microwave if you must), slowly melt the cream cheese with the molasses until combined.  Set aside.

Heat a non-stick skillet and grease it lightly with cooking spray or butter.  Drop the pancake batter into the skillet ¼ c. at a time.  Flip the pancakes once bubbles start to form over the pancakes.  Cook for another minute per side, then plate them and top them with the cream cheese mixture and sprinkle powdered sugar over the top.

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