The Recipes


Already into the second week of 2015!  Whether you're into a new diet and working out or not, you're going to find lots of healthy but satisfying meals right here... so stick around!

For a general philosophy of how to shop and build up your pantry, make sure to visit the GET STARTED page.  


What are we cooking this week?

Spiced Fish with Kale Sauce

Vegetable and Cous Cous Soup

Seared Tuna with Asian Slaw

Paella-Style Chicken

Roasted Corn Soup

CLICK HERE for a downloadable and printable menu and shopping list.  Remember to check what you have on hand so that you don't over-buy.  As usual, the only things not on the list are oil, salt, pepper, and some kind of vinegar - so make sure you're fully stocked up on those, too.