The Recipes

Pork Pita Sandwich

Of course, I couldn't bring ALL of the lovely slow-roasted pork I made over to my friend's house for pork buns the other night.  I had to leave a little bit at home to make a sandwich for me.  Hey, I'm the cook!  I get to be a little bit greedy. 


Pork Pita Sandwich


- 1 c. leftover shredded pork

- 1 piece of flat bread or pita pocket

- a few thinly-sliced pickles

- thinly sliced red onion

- 1 tsp. chipotle chili powder

- a few dashes hot sauce

- 2 T. mayonnaise 

- salt

- pepper

Gently reheat the pork in a small pot.  Meanwhile, whisk together the mayo, chili powder and hot sauce.  Season with salt and pepper and slather it onto the bread.  Layer in the pork, pickles and onions.