The Recipes

Lemon and Thyme Chicken

I'm headed out tonight, so it seems like a good idea to eat some protein before going out with the girls.  Going out with the girls inevitably means ending up someplace we didn't plan on and drinking some odd cocktail a bartender made for us, so I have the feeling I'll feel a heck of a lot better tomorrow with this meal in my tummy.


Lemon and Thyme Chicken


-          1 chicken leg quarter

-          ½ lemon, cut into very thin slices

-          1 large bundle of thyme

-          2 garlic cloves, smashed with the side of a knife

-          2 T. butter

-          Salt

-          Pepper

-          1 T. blended oil

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Lightly loosen the skin of the chicken.   Slide the lemon slices underneath the skin.  Season the chicken liberally with salt and pepper.

Heat the oil in a cast iron skillet or other oven-safe pan.  Add the chicken to the pan and cook it for 4-5 minutes per side to establish a nice brown crust.  Add the garlic, thyme and butter to the pan.  Once the butter melts, baste the chicken with the butter.  Transfer the pan to the oven and cook for 20-25 minutes, periodically basting the chicken with the butter.

Plate the chicken and serve it with vegetable of your choosing.