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Seared Tuna with Wasabi Aioli

So... tragedy of all tragedies, my doctors have told me to stay away from raw seafood.  That means no sushi and no oysters on the half shell.  If you have GI problems like I do, there are certain things your doctors are likely to recommend: low sodium, low animal proteins, and no raw seafood.  They are all things that can interfere with how well your system is processing food.

I'm not 100% sure they'd be thrilled about this recipe, but maybe, just maybe, they'll forgive me for ceviche and searing tuna rare.  Shhhh... don't tell.

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Seared Tuna with Wasabi Aioli


- 6 oz. yellowfin or ahi tuna

- 1/2 fresno chile pepper, sliced

- 1 scallion, sliced

- 1 T. low-sodium tamari (already a lower sodium content version of soy)

- 1 tsp. wasabi powder

- 1 T. Greek yogurt

- 1 T. mayo

- 1 tsp. sesame seeds

- 1 T. grapeseed oil

- 1 tsp. white pepper

Whisk together the yogurt, mayo and wasabi powder.  Set aside.

Heat the oil in a small pan.  Season the tuna with the white pepper.  Once the oil is rippling, add the tuna to the pan and cook for just 1 minute per side - just to get a nice sear on it.  Remove it and set aside to rest before slicing.

Spoon the wasabi mixture onto a plate.  Slice the scallions and pepper.  Cut the tuna into long strips and place them on the plate, resting on the wasabi mixture.  Mound the scallions and peppers in the middle.  Drizzle the tamari around the plate and finish by sprinkling the sesame seeds.