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Hummus Stuffed Sweet Peppers

I was having one of those "clean out your fridge" moments tonight.  I told friends I would bring an appetizer or two over for a small get together, and took the opportunity to get rid of some random items that were nearing the end of their shelf life.

This is really basic, but dresses up a traditional garnish tray quite a bit.  Some of my friends also make fun of me on occasion - like most people, they're perfectly happy with store-bought appetizers and condiments.  Of course, I have to watch what I'm eating, so on top of being a little home cook, it's just flat-out easier to make stuff myself.

Plate these up with some olives, pickles, radishes, and other raw veggies and you're good to go.  This is also a huge tip: I used hummus I made myself, but by all means, take a hand from the store and use a container of store-bought hummus.

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Hummus Stuffed Sweet Peppers

- 12 peppadew peppers (the little sweet red ones you can find on olive bars or in a jar)

- 10-12 T. hummus

- 3 kalamata olives, cut into four slices a piece

Spoon the hummus into a plastic bag.  Seal the bag and work the hummus into one corner so that the bag resembles the shape of a carrot.  Snip of the very tip of the "carrot" with scissors or a knife.

Squeezing from the top, pipe hummus into each of the peppers.  Top each one with a slice of olive.  Add to your garnish tray, and you have a classed-up appetizer in minutes.