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Smoked Salmon Wrap

Oh, happy lunch from home!  You know, I have to say that the Senate is by far a more fun place to work than the House, but surprisingly, our Upper Chamber has horrible food options.  All I can think about is back when the Affordable Care Act was going through Congress and there was a huge piece in the Wall Street Journal on how many consecutive meals Senate staffers ate in the Senate cafeterias or out of vending machines.  My sympathies, friends, my sympathies.  Maybe if this website had been around then, you would have found five minutes before dropping into bed to make something at least a little appetizing!

A note on this recipe: I recently found a tofu version of sour cream that actually delivers on the tangy flavor of sour cream.  Feel adventurous?  Give it a go.  If not, you can easily use sour cream, cream cheese or Greek yogurt.


Smoked Salmon Wrap


- 1 whole wheat tortilla

- 3/4 c. arugula

- 3 T. tofu sour cream substitute

- 1/2 lemon, zested

- 3 T. chopped dill

- 2 oz. smoked salmon

- salt

- pepper

Mix together the sour cream, lemon zest and dill.  Season with salt and pepper.  Spread the mixture onto a tortilla.  Layer on the smoked salmon, placing ingredients more heavily on one end and leaving the other end free of anything.  Pile the arugula on top of the salmon.

Roll up the tortilla, tucking as you do, making the end heavy with the ingredients the center of the wrap.  Cut in half and pack it away to go.