The Recipes

Salmon Poached in Milk

This dish is just fancy enough to serve up on a weekend night.  I think it's perfect for a Friday since we all have to work Friday day, so it feels more like a weeknight by the time you get home.  Yet, you still wan that weekend luxury.  Go for something simple yet elegant like this gently poached fish.

Salmon Poached in Milk


- 1 c. almond milk

- 1 piece of sliced ginger, approximately 1/3" thick and 2 in. long

- 1 T. soy sauce

- splash fish sauce

- 1 clove garlic, smashed

- 5 cherry or grape tomatoes

- 5 snow peas

- Sriracha hot sauce

- 1/2 c. chopped scallions and cilantro

- 1/2 lime, juiced


Heat the milk, soy, ginger, fish sauce, and garlic in a pot.  When it is simmering, slide in the fish.  Cover and let it poach for 13-15 minutes.

Add the tomatoes and peas to the pot for the last two minutes.

Plate the salmon, tomatoes, and snow peas.  Discard the garlic and ginger and spoon some of the poaching liquid over the fish.

Top the fish with the herbs.  Garnish with the lime juice and Sriracha.