The Recipes


I've had a lot of you asking for shopping lists and ideas for the week.  For a general philosophy of how to shop and build up your pantry, make sure to visit the GET STARTED page.  But I'm going to change things up a little bit to make the actual shopping and cooking along for the week that much easier.

What does this mean for One If By Food?

I'm going to post a shopping list at the beginning of each week.  I'm going to assume that you have four basics on hand: olive oil, some kind of vinegar, salt, and pepper.  To get you started, I'll give you the total shopping bill for the week, which will be the out-of-pocket cost, and the cost of food.  Keep in mind your weekly bills will progressively get lower as your pantry expands.

The total bill will include everything you'll have to buy, but notice that a lot of items are going to leave you with leftovers.  Meaning, you'll have items like jarred condiments and sauces as well as ingredients leftover to make lunches and breakfasts with throughout the week.  Supplement this shopping list with some fruit or granola (whatever you like for breakfast and snacks), and you'll be on your way to a week of home-cooked meals.

Before you shop, look at what you have in your fridge and pantry.  For example, I'm not including the costs of things like garlic, agave, Greek yogurt, and a little bit of white onion because we bought them last week.  Once they're in your pantry, that's it until you run out!

I'll also assume you're buying certain things like the grapes at a full pound to munch on throughout the week even though you could purchase the small amount you need.

What are we cooking this week?

Pan Roasted Snapper and Shrimp

Hummus-Stuffed Peppers

Pork Chop with Grape Gravy

Twice-Baked Sweet Potato

Avocado with Spicy Grapefruit Sauce

This week's savings:

Your total bill for the week will be $36.32, with a cost for the five meals of $14.74.  

Think about that for a second.  Even if you waste some of your carryover ingredients (meaning the total is what those five meals cost you), you're talking about five dinners at approximately $7.26 each - far cheaper than any restaurant meal, and as long as you keep using your pantry ingredients, your actual cost will be about $2.95 per meal.


CLICK HERE for a downloadable and printable menu and shopping list.