The Recipes

Chorizo and Shrimp Stuffed Calamari

Serves: 1     Time: 30 minutes     Difficulty: Pretty up there


- 2 T. chopped parsley

- 2 T. of olive oil

- pinch of crushed red pepper

- 1 link of chorizo removed from casing

- 6 medium shrimp, peeled and deveined

- 1 clove garlic, minced

- splash of dry vermouth

- 1 tsp. paprika

- 2 calamari bodies plus a few tentacles

- salt, pepper, oil


Put the first three ingredients in a small pot and let them heat through for 10 minutes. Strain and set aside.

Heat a light layer of oil in a pan. Add the chorizo and let it cook all the way through; approximately 7-8 minutes. At six minutes, add in the shrimp, garlic and paprika. Stir for a minute, then add in the vermouth and cook just until the shrimp are starting to turn pink.

Let the mixture cool, then puree it in a food processor. Put the mixture into a plastic bag. Cut one corner off of the bag.

Pipe the mixture into the squid. Season with salt and pepper. Secure the ends of the bodies with toothpicks. Add the squid to the pan, adding more oil as necessary. Cook for two minutes per side - eight minutes total. Remove and let the bodies rest.

Cook the tentacles for two minutes.

Cut the bodies in half and remove the toothpicks. Plate the bodies and tentacles and drizzle the infused oil around the plate.