The Recipes

Chilled Summer Soup

What is summer for if not chilled soups?  Delicious and refreshing when you're still recovering from coming in from the D.C. summer heat, serve it as a an appetizer or just pair it with a hearty salad for a great meal.  And, it takes all of five minutes to make.


- 1/2 canteloupe
- 1 tomato
- 1/2 cucumber
- salt
- pepper

For garnish:

- chiffenade of basil
- crisp pancetta

Dice the vegetables, removing the seeds from the canteloupe and seeds and majority of skin from the cucumber.  Place all ingredients in a blender, including the salt and pepper to taste.  (When you see this in a recipe, start small and then add to your liking, blending each time.)  Put in a storage container or serve right away.  I find that if you store it for a day in the refrigerator, the flavors come together more thoroughly.

Ladle into a bowl, and bundle the basil together, making long cuts but not fully chopping.  Place a thin slice of pancetta on a baking sheet and toast in a toaster oven until crisp, or in a conventional oven at 350 degrees for approximately 4-6 minutes.  Sprinkle the basil over the soup, and top with the crumbled pancetta.