The Recipes

Leftover Quesadillas

Remember that I had chicken left over from my cous cous and chicken meal?  Here was my late night fix for a friend and I:

Chicken Quesadillas


- 1 cooked chicken breast, chopped
- 1/4 onion, chopped
- 1/2 small can of chopped green chilis
- 1/4 c. sour cream
- 1 lime, juiced
- 1 c. shredded cheese; monterey jack works well
- 4 small flour tortillas

In a small skillet coated with cooking spray, place one tortilla.  Top with half of the cheese, onions, chilis and chicken.  Splash a few drops of your favorite hot sauce over everything and cover with another tortilla.  Grill, pressing down periodically with a spatula, until the outside of the tortilla is golden brown.  Flip the quesadilla and grill for another couple of minutes.

Repeat the process for the second quesadilla.  Meanwhile, mix together the sour cream and lime juice to garnish the quesadillas.

Cut the quesadillas in quarters and scoop the lime cream onto the plate.  This is about as quick and easy as it gets!  Some of my friends like to make fun of me, saying that when they see what I'm cooking, they feel bad about themselves.  Well, ladies, here you go:  Sometimes, I totally take it easy.