The Recipes

Oysters with Granita

Oysters are intimidating!  And, you might hurt yourself getting them open.  But, consider the fact that you will spend upwards of 2-3 dollars at a restaurant for them and serve them at home for pennies, and the risk is so worth it.

Note that the granita accommodated 4 oysters; you'll want to multiply the recipe appropriately.

Oysters with Granita


-  Oysters (variety your choice, as is amount)
- 1/2 c. champagne
- pinch red pepper flakes
- splash red wine vinegar
- salt
- 1 T. sugar

A few hours before you want to serve the oysters, combine the champagne, red wine vinegar, salt, sugar, and red pepper in a saucepan.  Let it simmer for 15 minutes, then transfer to a shallow dish.  Put the dish in the freezer.  Once it is set, shred it with a pair of forks.

Note:  Hold a towel in the hand you are using to hold the oyster in case your hand with the knife slips.  Carefully shuck the oysters by inserting a paring knife into the lip of the shells and slowly working them free.  Make sure to cut through the abductor muscle (the bit that holds the oyster to the shell), turning the oyster over to make sure it is free from the shell.  Top with a teaspoon of the granita.