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Hazelnut Brownie Bars

These cookie bars came out a little bit lighter than the usual dense brownies that I like to make, but I wanted to change it up a little bit.  I also really needed to use up some cream cheese in my fridge.  File that one under items I buy but hardly ever use and am always scrambling to find a way to use up that doesn't involve a bagel (which I hardly ever eat) or some awful '70s style wrap in a tortilla.

Getting my bake on....

Hazelnut Brownie Bars


- 2 eggs
- 1 c. chocolate chips
- 3/4 c. cocoa powder
- 1 c. chopped hazelnuts
- 1 c. flour
- pinch of salt
- 1/2 tsp. of baking powder
- 1/2 tsp. of baking soda
- 5 T. of butter at room temperature
- 4 oz. (half of an 8-oz package) of cream cheese
- 1 c. brown sugar
- 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Sift together the baking powder, salt, baking soda, flour, and cocoa powder.

In a standmixer or using a handheld beater, combine the cream cheese and butter.  Add in the brown sugar and vanilla and beat to combine.  Add the eggs one at a time.  Slowly incorporate the dry ingredients.  Once combined, add in the hazelnuts and chocolate chips.

Spray an 8-in. square baking dish with cooking spray.  Spoon in the batter, smoothing out the top.  Bake for 35 minutes, then let the bars cool before slicing.