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Red Eye Chicken

It's always a challenge when I cook something and have leftovers.  I just will never reheat old food and eat it exactly as-is, unless it is a soup.  You could easily substitute a leftover pasta or other protein to transform it into a red eye dish.  Keep in mind the leftovers are already seasoned, so you can go a bit lighter on the seasoning in the red sauce.  Keep in mind what you've already used in the original dish; because I already used garlic and onions in the chicken, I didn't add them, but you could easily add those into the red sauce.  Just sweat the onions and garlic and stir in the tomato sauce mixture before you pour it over your leftovers.  Use the recipe as a guide!

Red Eye Chicken


- 1/2 c. leftover cooked chicken, chopped
- 1/4 c. tomato sauce
- pinch of oregano
- pinch of crushed red pepper
- 1 egg
- salt
- pepper

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

While it heats, quickly heat the tomato sauce and stir in the oregano, crushed red pepper, salt, and pepper.  Mix in the chicken and transfer the mixture to a small oven-proof dish.  Make a slight well in the middle and gently crack the egg into the well.  Sprinkle the top of the egg with sea salt and cracked black pepper.  Transfer the dish to the oven and bake approximately 12 minutes, or until the egg white is cooked through.  I like a runny yolk, but you could certainly cook it longer to have the yolk cooked through.