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Best Olive Oils and Vinegars... and amazing belated birthday present

Best birthday gift ever!  Earlier this year, I went to AZ to visit my parents.  My mom found an online deal tho visit Cottonwood, AZ.  For twenty bucks, we got to visit three wine rooms, a cheese shop, bread maker, gelatto shop, and the highlight - an olive oil and vinegar tasting room.  You can see it below: Verde Valley.  They were amazingly gracious and they ship all over the country.

Biggest impression?  When some USPS employee stole my delivery mid-ship, the company re-delivered.  A note from Verde Valley was included wishing me a happy birthday and apologizing for the delay.

I have written many recipes and talked about flavored oils and vinegars - they are worth it, and if you're going to go this route, you can't beat Verde Valley.