The Recipes

Election Year Hiatus

This has been an amazing year + of cooking and posting.  I have learned how to successfully cook for just one or two people without breaking the bank, and I have stayed true to my word of not repeating any recipes.

Don't worry - the cooking is just beginning.

But, for those of you who are personal friends, you know what I do during the pesky 9-5 hours.  Working in politics means one thing in an election year: game on!  I'm headed out to California for the next month to work round-the-clock to make sure my boss gets reelected (and that I still have a job come January and can keep buying all this delicious food to cook up for you guys!).

There might be some posts over the next month, especially if I find some amazing eats in California, but I'm going to be a fish out of water in the kitchen department.  I look forward to coming home to my cozy little kitchen in a month and restarting this whole blogging project with a vengeance!