The Recipes

I promised a post or two....

I'm still out here in California, and you know the race must be going well if I can spare a second to blog about something.  I had a meeting in Sacramento a few days back with a coworker, and my lovely friend that we were meeting suggested a place called the Pour House.  Living in D.C., that gave me a momentary pause, as the D.C. Pour House (unrelated) is a sticky-floored intern hangout on the Hill.

Boy was I in for a treat.  Note to self: always trust Jeff with dining recommendations.

They have a tap system at each booth with two taps funneling local brews.  Each booth has different beers, and best of all?  Jameson is on tap between the two beer taps - DANGER!  There is a computerized screen embedded in your table that tracks how many ounces of each you've poured and charges you per ounce.  You have a constant view of what your booze tab is.

We just snacked on sweet potato fries and grilled cheese sticks - essentially a grilled cheese sandwich cut into dunkable strips.  The sweet potato fries were delicious with their dipping sauce.  My coworker wasn't all that impressed with the grilled cheese sticks, but that was more a function of the fact that he thought they would be more like mozzarella sticks.

View below the holy grail for bartenders on their day off: