The Recipes

Tilapia with Artichoke and Olive Sauce

As I'm sure you're aware by now, I love all things pickled and briny.  They are some of my go-to favorite things to eat.  This was just a perfect meal at the end of a long day.

Tilapia with Artichoke and Olive Sauce


- 1 tilapia fillet
- 1/2 shallot, sliced
- 5-6 kalamata olives, halved
- 4 frozen artichoke quarters, thawed and cut into smaller pieces
- splash white wine
- 1/2 lemon, juiced
- olive oil
- salt
- pepper
- parsley, torn or chopped for garnish

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  

Season the tilapia with salt and pepper on both sides and place in a dish or on a baking sheet.  Transfer to the oven and cook for 15-18 minutes; until just cooked through.

In a small skillet, heat 1 T. of olive oil.  Add the shallot, season with salt and cook for 2-3 minutes; until translucent.  Add in the olives and artichokes and squeeze the lemon juice into the pan.  Toss to coat; add in the white wine and let it simmer for a few minutes, or until heated through.

Plate the tilapia.  Spoon the sauce over the top and finish with the parsley.  I highly recommend finishing your day how I did: with a glass of white wine and this dinner.