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Oysters with Salmon Roe

There is little else I like better than going over to see my friends Paul and Cathy for a long, long night of great food and wine.  Last time we cooked, we had a great time with multiple courses.  After a long election season of being on the road and being forced to eat processed food, an evening with them was just the ticket.

We started with these oysters, of which I can take zero credit other than helping plan the overall menu - it was all Paul.  While Cathy and I worked on the main course, Paul shucked all of the oysters and kept all of our champagne glasses full.

We also visited a great little wine shop right around the corner from their place and the pairings were inspired.  We let the owner pick out the wines and they were lovely.  If you're in the area, visit Cork & Fork for great wines, a personal touch and even olive oils and vinegars.

Compliments to Cathy for the photography and lovely setting for this dish.

Oysters with Salmon Roe


- 5 oysters of your choosing, shucked and cleaned
- 1 tsp. of salmon roe per oyster
- your favorite vodka

Yep - it's this simple!  First, scrub the oysters and rinse them thoroughly.  Be very careful as you shuck the oysters.  I recommend putting an oven mitt on top of a light glove on the hand holding the oysters in case your knife slips.  If you don't have the specific knife required, use a small paring knife.  You insert the knife into the lip of the oyster and pop the suckers open.  Run the knife around the oyster to release it from the abductor muscle.  Remove and cartilage or grit.

Set the oyster back in the shell.  Top with a drizzle of vodka and the salmon roe.  A drizzle of lemon would also be very welcome here.  Your oysters will taste like the sea!