The Recipes

Shrimp with Browned Butter

Okay, I love the holidays and all of the food yums, but I have to eat a few light meals if I don't want to gain 20 pounds every single year... and then fight to break up with them for the remaining 11 months.  Enjoy the lightness of this dish.

Shrimp with Browned Butter


- 4 head-on shrimp
- 2 small purple potatoes, sliced
- handful of snow peas
- 1 garlic clove, minced
- 3 T. of butter
- splash of white wine
- 1/2 lemon, juiced
- salt
- pepper

In a shallow sautee pan, heat a healthy amount of water.  Add the potatoes and blanch them until they are fork-tender.  Remove and salt the water.  Add the snow peas, and cook them for just a minute.  Remove and transfer them to a bowl of ice water.  Remove them and set aside.

In a skillet, melt the butter.  Salt and pepper the shrimp.  Add the garlic to the butter once it begins to bubble and brown slightly.  Lay the shrimp in the butter.  Arrange the potatoes and peas around the shrimp.  Add the wine.  The shrimp will cook quickly - about two minutes for the first side.  Turn the shrimp as soon as they turn pink on the edges and start to curl.  Cook another minute, then plate all components and drizzle the sauce over everything.  Finish with the lemon juice.