The Recipes

Prosciutto and Olive Pinwheels

When I first started cooking, I remember getting a home cook's recipe for little tortilla roll-ups that were cut into bite-size pieces.  I made them for one of the first appetizer parties I hosted, and they were snatched up in a flash.  Who doesn't love bite-size, cheese-filled goodies?

Prosciutto and Olive Pinwheels

Ingredients for six pieces:

- 1 small flour tortilla
- 2 slices prosciutto
- 2 T. marscapone cheese
- 6 marinated olives, chopped
- 1/4 c. frisee or baby arugula

Spread the cheese on one side of the tortilla.  Layer on, in order, the prosciutto, olives, and greens.  Roll up into a log.  If you have time, wrap it up in plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour to help it set.  Slice the log into six pinwheels and serve.