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Snowquester Cocktail

I mean... what better to do to mourn the lack of Snowquester?  Yet again, the meteorologists predicted the "worst storm D.C. has seen in two years."  Not only was it a "meh" storm, those of us working on the Hill were forced to go into the office.  What does this ladyfriend do?  Come up with a great cocktail to see me through and mourn the loss of an expected snow day.

Snowquester Cocktail


-  1 1/4 oz. bourbon
- 1 oz. grapefruit juice
- 2 slices of cucumber
- 1 tsp. honey
- pinch cayenne
- handful of cilantro leaves, torn

In a shaker, muddle the cucumber, honey and cilantro.  This just involves taking whatever blunt object you can find during a snowquester and mushing the ingredients together.  Add the juice and bourbon.  Toss in 4-5 ice cubes, cover, and shake vigorously.  Pour the cocktail into a martini glass.  Discard the ice cubes and add the cucumbers and cilantro to the glass.  Enjoy slooooooooooowly.