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Lamb Dip with Horseradish Cream

I needed to use up the rest of the leftover roasted lamb that was in a container in my fridge, so I decided to update a childhood favorite of mine - although it was usually the fast food variety.  My mom and I would split a French Dip from a certain restaurant chain.  This is a grown-up way to have that same feeling, but with great food.

Lamb Dip with Horseradish Cream


- 1/2 c. finely sliced leftover roasted lamb
- 1 slice of cheese, halved (provolone works well here)
- 2 T. sour cream or Greek Yogurt
- 1 T. prepared horseradish
- 1 sub roll, toasted
- 1/2 c. au jus or beef broth/stock
- salt
- pepper

Put the lamb and au jus in a small saucepan and heat through over medium to low heat; approximately 3-4 minutes.  While the lamb cooks, toast the bun.

In a small dish, mix together the sour cream and horseradish.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Smear it on one side of the bun.

Pour the liquid off into a small dish, spooning off any excess fat or solids.  Set aside.

Roughly arrange it in the shape of the bun.  Lay the cheese on top, add a small amount of water to the pan, and cover.  Cook for 1-2 minutes; until the cheese melts.  Slide the meat and cheese onto the bun.  Serve alongside the au jus for dipping.